Airport Windsock Corporation is a leading manufacturer of windsocks and windsock frames. Because of our uncompromising commitment to quality and our competitive pricing we are simply your best source for airport windsocks. Our windsocks and frames are manufactured in the USA right here in our own facility, giving us complete control of quality and customer service.

Airport Windsock Corporation USA Made Windsocks

Our airport windsocks last 2 to 3 times longer than the competitions' import socks. Why do ours last longer? Our fabric is woven and dyed in the U.S. and then manufactured, right here in our Minnesota facility.  A truly American made product.

Our windsocks plain and simply last longer.

Most windsocks usually take some kind of lift to replace. The few dollars extra you might pay for a genuine American made windsock greatly outweighs the cost of frequently replacing lesser quality windsocks.

See why Airport Windsock Corporation sets the standard for windsocks for aviation and industrial applications.