How To Measure Your Windsock And Frame

1) Measuring your windsock diameter
  • Windsock diameter is measured across the large opening of the windsock with the windsock in the round.
2) Measuring you windsock in the flat
  • If a windsock doesn't have a frame to keep it round for measuring purposes, it may also be measured in the flat. to do this, the following method must be used. With the windsock on a flat surface, measure across the width of the large opening, or throat of the windsock. Take that dimension, multiply it by 2 then divide that number by 3.14. That will be your windsocks' true diameter.

Windsock diameter per industry standard:

Windsock Diameter Width Of Windsock Laying In The Flat
4" Windsock 6 3/8"
6" Windsock 9 1/2"
8" Windsock 12 1/2"
10" Windsock 15 3/4"
13" Windsock 20 1/2"
18" Windsock 28 1/2"
20" Windsock 31 1/2"
24" Windsock 37 3/4"
36" Windsock 56 1/2"
3) Measuring your windsock frame
  • The windsock frame diameter is the dimension measured across the largest hoop.

4) Measuring the diameter of your extended frame
  • The proper location to measure an extended frame is at the largest hoop, as shown in the illustration: